Are there coworkers like me?

Insights from the Data Visualization: State of the Industry Survey 2021 conducted by the Data Visualization Society

This year 2,181 people responded to the survey with their demographics, occupation, tools, data visualization focus, time spent, and frustrations. The full survey is here.

Since pandemic, people have been switching jobs to accomodate their change in routine, living situation, or life priorities. Whether it be in-person or remote, onboarding in a less social environment could feel pretty lonely. It's difficult to meet new people with similar interests. I used this survey data to compare people in the workplace and identify groups of people that have similar roles, years of experience, and industry.

Who is in this data?

1,560 of those respondents work as an employee. The chart below uses survey data from those who answered all of the following questions:

  1. In which sectors does your organization operate?

  2. What are your roles at your organization?

  3. About how many years of professional experience do you have?

  4. How much of your work at your organization involves data visualization?

Where do I fit in?

It might be easy to find others if...

  • You have between 5-10 years of work experience. Maybe more if you're a manager... ;)
  • You're an analyst or manager who does some data visualization.
  • You're an engineer working for the IT or private industry.
  • You work for a public company. You're likely an analyst.

It might be hard to find others if...

  • You have over 25 years of work experience. You're probably a manager.
  • You're a designer not in the IT or private sector.
  • You work in business functions doing data visualizations as your focus. You can share ideas with designers, journalists, and engineers!
  • You're a young journalist, but an artsy and data-driven one.

For example... I work in the IT/private sector while roles in analytics and engineering. I have 4 years of experience and supplement my work with data visualization.

Drawn by Sarina Chen